• Family Physical Therapy Cardinals are the 2018 Farm League Champions

    Congratulations to the Family Physical Therapy Cardinals on winning the Farm League Championship!  Congratulations Players and Coaches!!
  • Knoch Knight Section Champs

    Congratulations to Knoch Baseball on achieving Section Champion status last night with their extra-innings 6-5 win over Freeport!
  • Field Maintenance

    A huge part of making SABA succesfuly is Volunteers to help care for the fields.  We are seeking individuals who are willing to take on tasks that our Field Maintenance Director identifys for completion.  The... More
  • Let's talk Baseball Bats

    Lot's of questions have come up surrounding baseball bats for 2018.  With Little League adopting the USA Baseball bat standard (USABat) many parents are wondering if they need to spend the money on a new bat.... More
  • T-Ball Information For Parents

    My child is playing T-Ball,  What should I expect?      1) What age does my son/daughter have to be in order to play Tball? Your child must be 4 years old by August 31st of the calendar year.  FOR T-ball... More
  • What do I need to play

    Depending on the age of the player the following is suggestions on equipment. Basic Recommended Equipment: Baseball Glove Bat (must meet each age groups bat requirement check the rules section for info) B... More