Hello everyone!   I hope you all are enjoying this warmer weather that we are currently seeing while getting one week closer to obtaining that "home schooling" teaching certification!  I wanted to touch bas... More
  • Saxonburg Players Named to BCABL All-Star Game

    Congratulations to the players representing Saxonburg in the BCABL All-Star Game! From left to right: Caleb Traggiai, Lance Cotton, Isaac Love, Ben McMillen (coach) & Evan Wynn. Good luck, gentlemen!
  • Congratulations to the Minor League Champion Giants!

    Congratulations to the Benko Orthodontics Giants on their 7-2 victory over the Jay Mosby Indians to win the 2019 SABA Minor League Championship!   
  • Congratulations to Saxonburg 10U All-Stars!

    Congratulations to our 10U All-Star team's players and coaches on a hard-fought win at the Grove City Tournament! The boys went 2-0 in pool play and allowed only one run in Sunday's bracket play. Keep up the ... More
  • Concession Information

    Stop by for a snack today! All proceeds support projects to keep our park ready for the kids to play ball!
  • USABats

    USABats are now required for Farm League through Legion League. Saxonburg Area Baseball Association has worked to adopt the USABat standards. Please don't hesitate to ask your coach or commissioner if you nee... More