Volunteer Information

UpdatedFriday May 10, 2019 bySABA.

A few things to note:

Concession volunteers play a crucial role in the success of the Association. We are extremely grateful to every parent that takes the time to work in the stands.

On this page, you'll find notes related to expectations when working in the stands as well as this year's volunteer schedule.


-You are responsible for your 'shift'. If you have a scheduling conflict, please try to switch with someone on your team. If you are having trouble, reach out to the concession manager for assistance.

-Please be at the stand 15 minutes before game time on your scheduled day. Someone will have opened the stands and started to warm the equipment for you.

-There are instructions posted for you for cook times/recipes/etc.

-There are closing instructions posted for you so you know what to clean and stock.

-On the day you are scheduled, you are to be there from 5:45 until the end of both games at the fields you're working at. (Lower stand: tball and farm, upper stand: minor and bronco). Sometimes, this might mean you have to stay a little while after your child's game ends while waiting for the other game to end. The kids love to grab their snacks after their games!

Concession Schedule Spring 2019