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Hello everyone!
I hope you all are enjoying this warmer weather that we are currently seeing while getting one week closer to obtaining that "home schooling" teaching certification!  I wanted to touch base with all of you and update you with the revised plans for this season.   After receiving the great news that restrictions will be lifted on June 8, the SABA board would like to quickly move forward with our season, but with the strong remembrance that there will be strict safety guidelines that we will need to follow to be able to play.
Just to review the hopeful dates from the last email, you will have until 6 pm on Tuesday, 6-2-20 to withdrawal your child from Saxonburg Baseball.  If you plan to do so or have any questions on the matter, as always, please write to saxonburgbaseball@gmail.com.  Please also remember that if should you decide to do that, you can either ask for you registration refund or state in your email that you would like to apply your refund your next season with SABA.  Remember, we chose the deadline of 6-2-20 so we will have enough time obtain the proper amount of insurance coverage needed. Now that restrictions have lifted, we will start our season on 6-5-20 for practices, followed by games starting on 6-15-20, and finishing our season on 7-18-20. These are the dates to remember, please reach out the email address above for any questions or concerns.
The next bit of information that you will read is extremely important that it is followed!!!  Should the safety provisions not be respected or followed by EVERYONE, meaning Coaches, players, and spectators, the season will be cancelled and all of this hard work will be useless.  The board had met on Wednesday evening to review a list of safety measures and compose a start up plan that we will all follow to BEGIN the season.  Understand that these safety measures were tallied and will be in place for the beginning of the season and some of these, all of these, or none of these measures will be subject to change as the season progresses.  Please strongly review the safety precautions with your families and should there be any question, there will be copies of the plans at each field for reference to follow.
Multiple League officials will be at the fields on a nightly basis to ensure guidelines are met - AND - At anytime reserve the right to cease game play due to safety guidelines not followed.
  • No smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco/spitting.
  • No team water coolers - All players should provide their own drink with their name on it.
  • Each team is to have their own baseballs in use while they are in the field playing defense.
  • Only 1 head coach, and 2 assistant coaches per team.
  • Please try to have players paired with the same warm up partners when possible.
  • 6 feet social distancing will be asked at all times - on and off the field.
  • No catchers for T-ball and Farm League are permitted.
  • Umpires will stand 6 feet behind the pitcher.
  • A coach that visits the pitchers mound will wear a mask.
  • No hand shakes or high fives - "Tip of the hat rule is in effect".
  • NO players to arrive until 5:30pm, when games generally start at 6:00.
  • There will be NO concession stand - emergency drinks will be available by a league official.
  • There will be NO bleachers - All spectators must adhere to the 6 feet social distancing around the perimeter of each field.
  • Port-A-Johns will be sanitized daily.
  • NO playground usage - Until authorized by Jefferson Township.
  • Upon weather delays - Everyone will report to their own vehicles.
  • Players and Coaches temperatures will be taken electronically immediately following their arrival, and will be identified immediately.  These areas will be designated as per each players age/league.
  • Temperature of 100.4 or above will require the player or coach to not attend game or practice.  In the event of a fever, families will be asked to monitor for symptoms.  If none arise, the player or coach may return to next game or practice.   
The following tasks are to be ONLY to be done by a Coach or a designated team parent.
  • Entering an equipment shed for chalk boxes, rakes, golf cart/sand pro etc. and to be wiped down after EACH use with cleaning solution that will be provided.
  • Dugouts and equipment to cleaned after each game/practice.
  • All cleaning materials will be kept in equipment sheds.
  • Equipment sheds are only to be entered by a Coach, designated team parent, or SABA Board member.
The SABA Board understands that many of these safety measures may seem repetitive, but we recommend no sunflower seeds, gum, spitting, and equipment sharing.  Knowing that many are ambitious to be at the fields, we also recommend that all coaches, any player not on the field, and any spectators please wear a mask.  Please try to limit the number of spectators per family and remember to leave the fields/parks promptly after games and practices.
Now that all of you are tired of reading all of rules and regulations of safety precautions of what we are permitted and not permitted to do, I'd like you to remember that for the last three months, a VERY small amount thought that this message would even be sent this year.  Most would've bet that a season cancellation was right around the corner...  Thank you all for sticking out the long wait of uncertainty and will always understand the reason from those who have withdrawn.  Most of all, thank you to the SABA board for all you have endured making this season possible for the Saxonburg kiddos.  So if you haven't done it thus far, dust off the gear because it's TIME TO PLAY BALL!!!  
Take care all of you and can't wait to see you ALL at the fields!
Adam Linamen 

UPDATE 4/28/2020

Good morning folks!

I wanted to reach out to you in hopes that ALL of you and your families are currently very healthy and trying to fully enjoy this unexpected down time with your families.  

Lately, the updates from the National and Local Governments are changing rapidly, hopefully continuing in a positive direction.  Based on the latest "lockdown" mandate ending on 5-8-20, the SABA Board has chosen to meet virtually and re-evaluate this seasons plans on 5-7-20, instead of the previous set date of 5-1-20.  

We are also still offering to the league the option of withdrawing your child from this season for a full refund.  However, I would like to follow that with the 100% assurance that this board hasn't yet, and will not give up hopes for a season this year unless that decision is decided for us.  Which means this season is still a GO, but without a start date at this time.  We are also currently reaching out to our neighboring leagues to communicate one another's plans for this year. Once we have tallied all of the latest information from all accounts on 5-7-20, you all will be informed of this year's baseball plans ASAP.

I truly hope you all are well...  Hang in there, and believe that the  end of this is very near...  Stick together with your loved ones which will make times like these easier.   Take care and see you all very soon!

Adam Linamen

UPDATE 4/9/2020

SABA Nation:

I hope everyone is in the absolute best of situations currently as we wade through this unpredictable time together.   After we all learned today of Governor Wolf's regulation to cancel all schools statewide for the remainder of this school year, I want you to read this message with the lightest of hearts and know that the SABA Board is doing our ABSOLUTE best to work through this matter, and will see this through together in it's entirety to get the kids of Saxonburg some baseball this year.

Based on the recent mandate from Governor Wolf, we are forced to delay all baseball activity until further notice.  In knowing that this season is not cancelled, but delayed indefinitely, we are offering parents the option to withdraw their child from Saxonburg Baseball for this season and receive a full refund from registration.  Should you decide to do so, please reach out to the league via the league's email address, saxonburgbaseball@gmail.com.  The board will virtually meet on May 1st to evaluate the latest information from the CDC, and local and national governments to compose further decisions for the future events that lie ahead this season.  We will do our absolute best we can to salvage this season, but keeping the safety our players and families priority number one...

I want you all to focus on the positives and forget about the negatives right now, and that it could be worse, but believe that the end of this problem is soon around the corner.  Staying close together through all of this will make it easier on everyone, but not TOO close...  I promise my next message will have ALOT more positive information.

Please take care and stay healthy!                        
See you all soon!

Adam Linamen 
SABA President

Saxonburg Area Baseball Assocation 2020 Covid - 19 Start Up Plan verison 3.pdf