Birthdate Cutoff Change for 2021 Season

UpdatedSunday November 29, 2020 bySaxonburg Area Baseball Association.

This year the board voted to change the birthdate cutoffs to align us with the surrounding leagues.  Here is the email that was sent out informing the league. 


Hello SABA Family,


Recently, the board voted to change how birthdate cut offs are determined starting in the Spring 2021 season.  In the past we used April 30th as the cut off date for the in-house league and All-Star Teams. We have decided to move the cut off date to August 31st for the in-house leagues of T-ball, Farm, Minor and Bronco for players born in 2008 or after.  Leagues that play outside of Saxonburg (mainly Pony, Colt and Legion) will use the birthdate defined by the league they are participating in that year.


The reason for this change is because Little League adopted the August 31 birthdate cut off a few years ago.  Although we are not sanctioned by Little League, many of the leagues around us are or have adopted the new dates. Not being aligned with other local leagues has made it difficult to schedule games or integrate other leagues into our in-house program. 


All-Star/tournament teams did not adopt the new birthdate cut off and thus will stick with the April 30th cut off.


This change will impact about 15-20% of the kids in our league. If your player's birthdate falls between April 30th and August 31st you will now be considered a year older in terms of what age group you play with. Pony, Colt and Legion will see no changes as of right now.


If you have an impacted player that will essentially miss a year of the current age league they play in we highly suggest you reach out and play Fall Ball. If you have concerns about your player playing in the older age group please contact your commissioner. Any questions can be directed to


Included is an age chart to help you determine your players age. As a reminder, ages for leagues are as follows:


Tball Ages 4-6

Farm Ages 7-8

Minor Ages 9-10

Bronco Ages 11-12




Thank you,

SABA Board